Terms of Service OFTIS Usti nad Orlici

Information needed to fill your order

As a customer you have to fill in following information during registration:

  • First and last name
  • Complete mailing address
  • E-mail address

We recomend you to fill in your phone number as well, in case immediate contact is necessary. These information are needed to identify you as a customer. We use them to corectly deliver the merchendise and to communicate with you. You can not make an orde without registration!

After sending an order the syst?m will automatically send you a copy of it by e-mail. In case you find any incongurity in it, contact us immediatelly through e-mail or by phone to number +420 465 521 052. The merchendise will be sent immediatelly.


Schools and libraries recieve 5 percent higher discount from prices of all the books in our e-shop.

Possible means of delivery

Our customers can choose from folloving means of delivery:

Mail package

Standard mail package of Czech mail service. The delivery will be decided upon recieving your order and you will be notified on amount of money required.

Personal pickup

(Oftis, J. Nygrina 336, Usti nad Orlici) From day following the day of your order you can pick the merchendise during next 14 days every weekday from 7 am to 3.30 pm. After 14 days the order is canceled.

Our customers from abroad have to pay cash up front!!!! After recieving your order we will send you an e-mail stating how much money you will have to pay for delivery. You will then have to send the amount of money in envelope to our address: OFTIS s.r.o., J. Nygrina 336, 562 01 Usti nad Orlici, Czech republic. We apologize for this inconvenience, but it is NOT POSSIBLE to recieve credit card payments or send merchendize to cash on delivery. Thank you for your understanding.


Traffic over 1000 CZK FREE

Free transport of goods
for orders over 1000 CZK
within Czech Republic
Terms of Services


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